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Ultrachem Inc of Wilmington, Delaware in the United Sates is the specialist manufacturer of CHEMLUBE organic ester based synthetic oil since the 1950s.

Ultachem Inc specializes in synthetic oil manufacturing and has established an outstanding reputation of meeting the demanding requirements of lubrication in a wide range of extremely demanding industrial, consumer aeronautic applications.

Organic ester with its inherent high quality characteristics has proven to be the highest quality base material for synthetic oil used even by aeroplanes.

Given the incomparable quality, CHEMLUBE synthetic oil remains committed to the use of organic ester although costs are about 40% more expensive than PAO or hydrocarbon synthetic oil.

CHEMLUBE is marketed by Telechem Sdn Bhd in Malaysia and Beswick Trading Pte Ltd in Singapore for the last 30 years.

CHEMLUBE offers a unique door to door free delivery service anywhere in Peninsula Malaysia and Singapore.

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