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1. Engine work harder to give better power and drive more accessories such as air-conditioning, power steering, etc.

2. The correct motor oil will give better mileage and smoothness as a result of a complete lubrication.

3. More traffic jams and stop - go driving gives more oil dilution resulting in carbon, sludge and oil oxidation.

4. Dusty and dirtier environment needs better oil to keep the engine clean for better efficiency.
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High film strength of 3200 psi gives better anti-friction
lubrication that gives longer engine life.

Ester based synthetic keep engine cleaner by
minimizing formation of sludge and carbon.

High viscosity index above 190 and high flash point
above 235°C are combined to provide oil stability
during traffic jams and prolonged speeds.

You can get engine smoothness, 10% petrol saving
and power with optimum lubrication.

Average at RM180.00 per oil change for use between
10,000km (6 months) -  40,000km(1 year) before the
next oil change.
Film strength of only about 400 psi.

Decomposes with time and heat to form carbon and
sludge affecting optimum engine performance.

Viscosity index of about 120 and low flash point gives
less oil stability and lubrication.

Engine sound noisier when pushed to higher limits
and petrol academy worsens when engine heat is

Average about RM50.00 per oil change and good for
2-3 months or 3,000-5,000km before the next oil
change. (Cost per year: RM300.00-RM440.00)
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